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Cool prototype :)

Fun game - really interesting concept :)

A really in-depth interactive fiction piece!

I tried a couple of the endings - the directions this story can go are incredibly diverse!

I enjoyed playing around with how I could direct the story to different outcomes. Looking forward to your next project :)

RedlacGames responds:

Thankee, Rainy, I appreciate it as always.

The screen is cut off - I think you need to reupload and change the dimensions of the screen. I can't see all of my cards or me energy.

barfight responds:

Thank you for reporting the problem :)
I have updated the dimensions, hopefully it helps. Depending on your browser you might have to scroll down a bit to center the game view.
If you're still stuck you can also play the game directly at https://barfight.io

This game is great - I can see why it took first place in terms of fun!

The sprites look really nice - you really nailed an updated GameBoy style! Dialogue is great too.

My only issue is that I'm not very good at it so I can't get very far!

Fun game!

I thought the effect on the rocks to give the impression of moving forward worked really well. I was a little confused about the ducks for a while - I think it would be easier to tell they are a power up if they were green?

In any case fun jam game - great job!

krowser1809 responds:

Thanks! I like the feedback.

I found this game kind of tough to rate! There is a lot of interesting work in this game, but I had a hard time with some of the levels.

On easy mode, I found it difficult to beat the first level, and near impossible to get through the second. I think there is some balancing needed around the movement and feedback.

That said, I like the basis that is here - I think this could be built out into an interesting free running style game!

Fun game!

I know you say its simple but I still enjoyed it. If you were interested in updating it, I think there are a few ways it could be improved!

My main piece of criticism would be the movement - it feels just slightly delayed. If this was more responsive, the game feel would be much improved!

Some additional levels with more comlicated designs would be fun too - but great job for your first Unity game!

Fun game! I played through the first 3 levels - the jumping works great and everything worked as it should! I like the visual style - quite reminiscent of blackthornprod stuff!

In terms of constructive feedback - I think the game has a pretty flat difficulty curve. The game starts pretty hard and it generally stays hard. (Though I would say I found the second level easier than the first)

The only other point I found difficult was the colour of the obstacles - I think they are a little too similar to the background colours, which can make it hard to differentiate at times.

Great work on this though - altogether its a good experience!

Philplays responds:

Thanks for your feedback! it did struggle to try and get the right difficulty as I didn't have any playtesters!

Hey - good start for a game.

My main issue would be that the AI movement feels quite inconsistent. It meant that I didn't really try and "solve" the levels or use skill to win. Instead, I just played through the levels until the AI bugged out or the goal dot ended up being really near me.

Unfortunately on the 4th level the game froze for me.

Before you start worrying about gamepad support or allowing people to mod or anything like that - I would address these issues - its more important to have a fun playable game than it is to have lots of extra features.

Best of luck with everything!

Mark4Games responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah the AI needs improvements definitely but the whole 4th level thing is just because the levels aren't finished. The modding stuff is going to be important to me finishing the game because I'm also making a level editor that I will be using for future level packs. I fully agree with you I'm almost done with the modding in the game and the level editor is next. I will try to address the AI to make it better. The game is lacking playable content I know but this current method I'm using is taking to long to do so I'm trying to make like easier for me and everyone else who makes content for the game.


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